Wait And See

Wait And See Bass Tab

Band:   SHIHAD
Song:   Wait And See
Album:  The General Electric
EP:     Blue Light Disco
Author: Brad Snare
Email:  bodysnare@hotmail.com

Standard Tuning. Low to High : EADG

I can't believe that nobody had tabbed this before,it is
so easy.

D|-------------------|         Played through most of song.

D|--77--8---777--8---|         Played during choruses,
A|-------------------|             "And is there space for every"/
E|-------------------|               "Is it daddys little boys and

D|----------------|    This is played once, you'll recognise it
A|--77--8--8/(0)--|               when you hear it.

There a couple of pauses in there but it's easy to follow along.
Just listen to the song for timing and it won't take long
for you to get into the flow of it.


If you can, try to work out some Shihad bass tabs for
yourself and publish them on the net (because there aren't many).
I'm currently working on 'My Mind's Sedate' and 'The General Electric'.

They're also a great live band, so go see them if you can.
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