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Free Accurate Bass Tabs With Interactive Tab Player

BassTabz is a digital tab library that only provides tabs for bass, no guitar tabs or other instruments.



BassTabz is recognized by the bassist community as a recommended bass tablature site.
Here’s the proof, some footprints from more than 20 years ago.

Dec. 3, 1999Eureka News
Sept. 30, 2000Spiderbass
Oct. 15, 2001Zwaremetalen Forum
Nov. 26, 2001nachtwelten.de
Jul. 9, 2002Talkbass
Jun. 16, 2002Feckthat Forum
Feb. 13, 2003Imho.ws

Revived, with modern features

Unfortunately, the initial founder of this website did not continue this bass tablature site for a long time.

Finally we took over control, tried to revive it, and added modern features that are suitable for today, including:

Responsive Design

The new BassTabz works well on all screens, including smartphones.


Easily install applications on smartphones, laptops or PCs with the Progressive Web App feature.

Improved search

Searches can be done by typing the title, artist name, album or YouTube link.

Interactive Tab Player

You can listen, play, play along with the songs you want. This tab player is available on the web page, works on PC and mobile without installing anything.

Provided by Guitar Pro experts

BassTabz is managed by Amri MF, the same person who manages Gitagram web, as well as Gitagram on PaidTabs.

Is a profession l music transcriber with more than 15 years of experience, here are some testimonials from several clients at PaidTabs.


Better Tab Accuracy

Bass tabs from popular songs are easy to find on community-based tab sharing sites, but not all of them are accurate.

With our experience as professional transcribers, we try to transcribe as accurately as possible.

BassTabz is a bass tab library maintained by professional Guitar Pro transcribers. With over 15 years of experience, we try to transcribe as accurately as possible, we transcribe bass tabs for free. Learn More

Disclaimer: We do not host images, MP3s or lyrics. This Bass Tab is a transcription by a musician, not written by the original artist, for education and personal use only.
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